Focuses on essential oils. We believe the essentials oils combined with cannabis, create the perfect marriage in promoting health benefits while enhancing the user experience. These two are dependent upon one another, as one without the other would be less effective. We strive for products that increase the senses (organoleptic) and promote health (nutraceutical).

At Mule, we are driven by the consumers, respect for the history, culture, and passion for the craft cannabis industry. Our goal is to cultivate and expand Oregon's craft cannabis, to support meaningful principles and organizations within our community. At Mule we are committed to sustainable practices both during production, as well as post-production. We always “Take the High Road”..

We hope to become the benchmark for craft cannabis processors across the industry. With our customer first approach and meticulous attention to quality, we aspire to always provide the best product experience on the market. Through direct consumer feedback, we can achieve this. As well as sharing our expertise of knowledge of the extraction process, involving ourselves in professional cannabis and trade organizations, and by growing the craft cannabis community through consumer engagement and education.